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For Bromley

Witty Kiddies Preschool Bromley is located in Turpington Lane Community Centre on Turpington Lane, BR2 8JX. Our beautiful setting is in a very convenient location just off Bromley Common road and very close to Bromley College. Our setting is in a hall that is beautifully laid out to accommodate all areas of learning and development. We operate a free flow into our outdoor space when learning continues as well. We operate an open door policy and also you can speak to us about your child progress outside the parent evening sessions.

We also have an off-street parking and a bus stop is in front of the setting for easy commute.

Opening Time



 8am - 3pm*
 8am - 3pm*
 8am - 12pm*
 8am - 3pm*

* 8am -9am (Breakfast hour, a fee is charged for that and has to be booked in advance), otherwise we are all expected to come in at 9 am

2-5 years

Free Funding available for 2,3 & 4 years old. (15 & 30 Hours)

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Contact Us
Telephone: 07443276305

Witty Kiddies Preschool has a wide range of resources and well enclosed garden and planting areas. Items are at child's level, this allows the child to easily select items/toys they wish to use.

The preschool can gain access to the garden directly from their room so we can operate a free flow system, this allows the preschool the freedom to be indoors or outdoors. We do have a French teacher as part of our staff and this gives the children an extra lesson as part of our daily activities. They learn to say simple words, sing simple songs in French.



The snack menu are planned to encourage good eating habits and an awareness of where food comes from. We provide morning snacks and afternoon tea which consists of croissants, cheese on toast, bread sticks, pitta bread and hummus, slices of cucumber, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes etc. We also provide assorted fruits, water and milk throughout the session. We have a 2 week rotating menu which offers a wide range of snacks, children bring in their own lunch packs if staying longer session. 



We have a good size garden with a selection of outdoor toys suitable for all ages which consists of push along, bats, balls, hoops, bikes and as well as sand and water play available. We operate a free flow system so children have regular access to the garden throughout the day. We use the garden all year round in all weathers, we provide the children with rain suits and winter and summer hats.



We operate a key person system in the preschool, your child will be allocated a member of staff who will be responsible for them on daily basis, this will involve carrying out activities with them on a daily basis, making observations on your child and generally looking after your child's wellbeing.



We work as closely as possible with parents/carers to make sure that we achieve the best possible care and education for your child. We use an online observation and development tracking systems which parents can access and make comments whenever they wish. We also run several activities which includes parents/carers fun evenings. We regularly review our practice and send out questionnaires quarterly to ensure that we are providing a good service. We also welcome parents comments all year round about the service we provide and we look carefully at any suggestions on how we can improve our service. We have a comments and suggestions box in the entrance hall where parents are free to post comments and suggestions.